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Network Service Orchestration

TechTrueUp is a Cisco Authorized Technology Partner (ATP) - Network Service Orchestration (NSO) program in the US. TechTrueUp has met the rigorous Cisco Certified personnel level required for the ATP - NSO partner. This ensures that we are prepared to sell as well as provide services including design, installation and support NSO specific products and Technology. TTU is one of the small number of vendors to qualify for this program

NSO Business Benefits for Organizations

The benefits for clients are in area of IT Network Operations. NSO simplifies the process of provisioning services in both physical and virtual networks.  It decouples the network services from specific components while automatically configuring the network according to the service specification. In turn it speeds up "time to market" of new applciations and services and improves cash flow by automating the associated processes. Cisco's Network Service Orchestrator (NSO), is changing the way enterprises conduct business today. 

Authorized Technology Provider

Network Service Orchestration

TechTrueUp recognized as Cisco Network Services Orchestrator Authorized Technology Provider in North America.

Cisco NSO Logical Architecture

TrueOpen Network Automation Service

More than ever, customers expect speed from their network. They want to be able to capitalize on new opportunities and enter new markets much faster, responding to changes and competition in real time. Along these lines, operators are  dealing with rapidly changing business models. New technologies innovations like virtualization, programmable networks, and cloud services are changing the way customers do business, as well as their expectations about how they are interact with the companies providing the services. In this dynamic environment, customers need an infrastructure that’s open and flexible enough to integrate these capabilities into an evolving business models.

It all comes down to automation, the ability to use programmable networks and virtualization resources to deliver much faster, on demand services. To achieve this functionality TechTrueUp a Cisco Advanced Service Partner has Tail-f Systems Network Service Orchestration services (NSO) Authorized Technology Partner (ATP) has the wherewithal to design, implement, integrate and maintain an highly efficient abstraction layer between the client’s network services and the underlying network components.

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