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Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Solution


PROBLEM Traditional Cybersecurity Approaches are insufficient in eliminating the IoT Security Blind Spots

SOLUTION:  an agent-less IoT Security Platform by Armis

TechTrueUp an authorized reseller of “Armis”

Armis virtual appliance sits on your network, out of band. We connect to your wireless LAN controller via a standard user account. We also optionally connect to your wired network via a SPAN port. Through these one or two connections, we glean information from your network. 100% passive monitoring. Armis uses your existing wireless infrastructure to tell us everything we need to know about devices on or off your network, in your airspace, including Bluetooth devices and other IoT wireless protocols that you currently have no way to monitor. This is a unique Armis capability for which we have applied for a patient.

Once Armis gleans information, our virtual appliance examines the packets, strips out all the data payloads, and sends the metadata to our cloud-based analysis engine. When Armis cloud-based analysis engine determines that there is an elevated risk or attack on your network, or a policy violation, you can (if you wish) have us send that information to your firewall, to your NAC system, to your SIEM, or to your network infrastructure such as your switches, routers, or wireless LAN controllers. These systems can take actions to protect your sensitive information, such as blocking devices.


Armis does three things:  Discover and classify all devices on your network.  Analyze device behavior to determine when something has gone wrong.  And Protect your network by working with your existing network infrastructure to block risky or attacking devices.

Armis Partner


Most businesses can’t see 40% of the devices in their environment. In a world of increasing IoT and unmanaged devices, this is just not acceptable. TechTrueUp in Partnership with Armis lets enterprises see every device in their environment, on or off their network, whether connecting via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other protocols.  Contact us at for more information or visit 

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