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Automated Threat Hunting and Remediation

The best-automated threat hunting and remediation tool in the industry. Cybereason’s Detection and Response Platform identifies and visually presents both known and unknown attacks using Big Data, Behavioral Analytics, Machine Learning, and eliminates the need for manual investigations and drastically reduces attack response time. The complete stack combines EDR with EPP where it integrates Next Generation antivirus, anti-ransomware, and Fileless malware protection.

Automated Penetration Testing

Automated Penetration Testing Software – Empower your Security Analysts.

Current solutions require teams of highly skilled individuals repeatedly conducting penetration testing on target networks. This technology empowers these individuals to be more consistent, continuous, and current, while offering efficiencies that typically cut the time requirements by 90%. This technology could potentially save a company of dollars annually. This is not just a scanning technology and offers full black box effective ethical hacking in a software solution.


Security Consulting

TechTrueUp has years of experience in providing Information Security services to various organizations.  We are a Cisco Advanced Services partner for security services. 


Our team consists of certified experts with years of experience in provide services in Governance, Risk & Compliance, Cyber Security, Network Security.  We  have in our toolset Threat Analytics & Network Obfuscation tools that scan be deployed independently or in support of our service offerings.

Data-Centric Security Platform enables fully integrated Digital Rights Management

Data-Centric Security Platform enables fully integrated Digital Rights Management, Data Classification and DLP integration / enhancement.


Seclore is designed to help companies secure files so employees can share sensitive information with absolutely no risk to the company. This is be important to a company because of the need to share sensitive data via emails and files containing private and highly regulated data to businesses, vendors, and partners on a regular basis. Seclore provides full control over who, when, which device, and what any user can do with any file at any point in time, whether the file is encrypted or not, and regardless of where the file resides.

Seclore is #1 in this market segment with 6000 clients across 29 countries protecting billions of documents.


Blockchain Development Platform – Domani Systems has specialized in blockchain technologies for over 4 years. They have 18 granted and 6 pending patents which have been built into a Blockchain Collaboration and Integration Development Platform. This platform is designed to help clients implement Blockchain Applications faster, more efficiently, and at a greatly reduced cost.


Reduce Development Costs & Shorten Development Cycles and leverage Increased capabilities with Consulting Services, Platform as a Service, and Patent Licensing from Domani and TechTrueUp.

Payment Fraud Detection

Stop Corporate Payment Fraud! nsKnox is the only real-time fraud detection and prevention solution on the market today and it is the most powerful payments protection system available.


Every single payment transaction is continually verified through every step of the payment process. The product txAuthority stops all types of payment fraud, including wire transfer fraud. The core technology at use is a new category called Cooperative Cyber Security. It has been specifically developed for Financial market, it uses cryptography, and it is virtually unbreakable.


nsKnox management is very well known in the Security industry and are financially backed by Microsoft. TechTrueUp offers this as an integrated part of its security portfolio.

IoT Discovery and Security

Armis is an agentless software technology that provides both visibility and protection of Managed and Unmanaged (IOT) networked devices. Armis discovers, analyses, and provides security for anything that has an IP address that attempts to attach to a client network. This is the new endpoint and is where Gartner states 30% of the successful hacks in our industry come from today.

Armis has a living database of 8 million devices in 10,000 categories and they identify the devices down to the serial number and they understand how these devices are supposed to act. They then recognize anomalies and tie them to client's Security Policies, and take the appropriate action.

Armis installs within an hour, will give you a free visibility report within 1 day (A CISO Top 5 issue), and then automatically detect analyze and protect your network going forward.

Security Network Fabric

Data Center Equipment for Networking and Security Applications – A new Security Network Fabric. This is truly a breakthrough technology for larger data centers.


Noviflow’s appliance enables customized, very cost-effective (typically 1/10th the investment required) on-demand scaling (10G, 100G, and up) for network security applications.


In addition, Noviflow greatly simplifies your Security Architecture and enhances the capabilities of your existing network equipment. It is usually implemented for less than the maintenance cost of the equipment it eliminates. This technology is already being used by Google, several service providers, and several major enterprises. In addition, the top three security companies in the world have built their product technology around Noviflow.

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